Saturday, August 8, 2009

wine label menus/table numbers

Mrs Vino Wine label menus

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Hard to make out in the photo (wine bottle to the right of the centerpiece)

But since Mr. Vino and I got married at a winery, we simply took empty red wine bottles, removed the labels and using sticker paper printed out the menu of courses and wine pairings in the same style as our other stationary and just affixed it to the empty bottles. As you can see the table was pretty crowded with all of the glasses/place settings etc so we really didnt have room to put something extra on top

Photo courtesy of Wendy Hithe Photography

posted by Mrs Vino 3 days ago

Holy crap. What a great idea! Our reception is at a winery too. I now have to read every one of your posts! :o)

posted by jgkane 14 hours ago