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29 Jul

Mod Monkey Baby Shower – Part 2 {Downloadable Signs & Tags}

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mod monkey baby shower

Welcome to part 2 of the Mod Monkey Baby Shower recap! (Click here for Part 1, which recaps the centerpieces & table settings. You can also see more pics of this party over at the Mod Monkey Facebook Gallery.)

Below you’ll find free downloadable PDFs for all of the different framed 5×7 and 8×10 signs used throughout the party, as well as the napkin ring embellishments (also used on the candy buffet jars), goodie bag embellishments, and welcome sign.

mod monkey baby shower

Note: Several of these signs originally featured the name of the baby that I threw the original shower for, but I changed the wording on the downloadable versions to be more general so that they can be used for anyone. Everything is set up in Adobe PDF format and zipped since the high-resolution file sizes are pretty large. Hope you’re able to use these for your own Mod Monkey baby showers… enjoy!

Welcome Sign:
This is a 10×16 sign so that it will fit onto photo quality tabloid (11×17) paper. Click here to download the .zip file.

mod monkey baby shower


5×7 Signs:
These are all set up in PDF format with 2 different 5×7 signs per page – (grouped exactly how they’re shown here) – for easy printing on photo quality 8.5×11 paper. Click here to download ALL of them in one .zip file.

mod monkey baby shower

mod monkey baby shower

mod monkey baby shower

mod monkey baby shower

mod monkey baby shower


8×10 Signs:
These are both set up in PDF format at 1 sign per page, for easy printing on photo quality 8.5×11 paper. Click here to download the .zip file.

mod monkey baby shower


Napkin Ring Embellishments:
These are set up at 12 per page, for easy printing on photo quality 8.5×11 paper. I’d recommend a paper cutter to make cutting them out faster & easier than with scissors! Click here to download the .zip file.

mod monkey baby shower


Goodie Bag Embellishments / Favor Tags:
These are set up at 12 per page, exactly like the napkin ring embellishments! Click here to download the .zip file.

mod monkey baby shower

mod monkey baby shower theme

These pics are from a Mod Monkey Baby baby shower that I co-hosted for my friend this past weekend. I was in charge of the decor & desserts (my 2 favorite parts!), and you might remember this post where I asked for your help deciding on the shower theme.

Well, Mod Monkey won out…and it actually worked out really well because the baby’s name is Max, so it was also easy to play up the “M” factor in Max, Monkey, and Mom as a key element in the decor.

I’m splitting the recap of this shower up into a few posts or else this one would be a mile long… so to start out, here’s a rundown of the tabletop designs:

mod monkey baby shower theme

There were 3 different tables and the centerpieces all coordinated, but were a little different from each other. All of them featured a round placemat from Crate & Barrel (purchased earlier this year for a different party), a baby item (wash cloths or burp cloths) and framed custom signs I designed to match the party’s colors and monkey theme.

Centerpiece #1 also featured a (never used!) Circo Monkey Waste Basket from Target, which served as an adorable container for an artificial plant from my bedroom, and a small bowl of Banana Runts purchased in bulk from the Sweet Factory website.

mod monkey baby shower theme

The focal point of Centerpiece #2 was a ridiculously cute, mod striped Sock Monkey purchased on Etsy. This little guy actually served as inspiration for the entire party theme!

They yellow vase is from IKEA. It was originally purchased last year for this Momma Bird baby shower. (The faux ti leaves are also from of my regular home accesories, but you can purchase them at Michaels.)

mod monkey baby shower theme

Centerpiece #3 also featured the yellow vase & ti leaf combo, plus a set of color-coordinating burp cloths from Target.

mod monkey baby shower theme

I kept the place settings super simple but colorful….plastic yellow plates from Party City, lime green napkins, turquoise forks, and napkin rings made from strips of 3 different kinds of gift wrap by Elum: Driftwood, Interlock, and Dots. The same gift wrap also used to create table runners and featured in other elements of the party.

mod monkey baby shower theme

The napkin rings also featured a big “M” as the embellishment, which tied into the rest of the custom signage. I was able to fit 16 of them up on an 8.5 x 11 sheet, and printed them at Kinkos along with the rest of the signs.

mod monkey baby shower theme

(I’ll make pdfs of the general custom signs and (that don’t feature Max’s name) napkin ring embellishments available for download in another post so that you guys can print them for your own parties if you want to use this theme.)

mod monkey baby shower theme

The Banana Runts really helped to play up the monkey theme and added a bright punch of color. They were also featured in the shower’s candy buffet, which I’ll go into much more detail about in posts 2 & 3… stay tuned! {You can also check out all the pics in the facebook album.}

mod monkey baby shower theme


You Are So Indie Card II

July 1st, 2009 Melissa Posted in Design, Free Stuff 6 Comments »

Show your friends some love! I know y’all think it’s fun to get something other than a bill or an ad in the mail. I think all of you should print this card and send it to someone you think is cool. I sure did (and it wasn’t addressed to me). ;)

You're the leader of the pack

Download the Indie Wolf Card Here

Download the Envelope Template Here

This card was inspired by this wolf shirt, which Chris and I think is super cool. You know what’s even cooler? The card fits perfectly inside the printable envelope I designed a while back. Click on the links above to download the card & envelope.

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You are SO Indie Card. . .

June 20th, 2009 Melissa Posted in Free Stuff 8 Comments »

Indie Father's Day Card

I’ve been kicking this idea for a card for a while now, and finally I’ve mustered the motivation to do it. Yup, My middle name is procrastination.

I’ve noticed a SERIOUS moustache trend about the internet/indie crowd recently, and I wanted to tell Christopher that he’s a very cool dad. I really made this card just for him, but I’m sure there might be some dads out there that are cool, too. Maybe this would be a good last-minute card. Although I’m giving this card to Chris for father’s day, there’s no reason you couldn’t send a cool man in your life a little love any day of the year.

Click here to download the Father’s day Tri-fold Card

Click here to download the plain “You are so Indie” card


Happy Father’s day, Chris. You’re a wonderful dad.

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Petal Box 2.0

June 9th, 2009 Melissa Posted in Arts & Crafts, Free Stuff 9 Comments »

I was emailing back and forth with ISLY reader, Cathy, who gave me such a great idea. She had been looking for a box template that she could use for packaging 1 cupcake. I thought I could really use one of those, too, especially since I had also been thinking up a crazy cupcake recipe that used molded chocolate as the cupcake cup. MMM. Chocolate. Seriously, no better time to make a cupcake box than when I’m dying to make cupcakes.


The template is great, the box is fabulous (not just for cupcakes, mind you), the only problem with this template is that you have to print it on either two sheets of 8.5×11 paper and tape the two parts together, OR you have to go somewhere to get it printed on 11×17 paper. While that might be a little inconvenient, it still only takes a few minutes to make the boxes anyway. If I had any parties coming up anytime soon, I would definitely use this idea for favor boxes.


Seriously I’m on a party/wedding kick. I never really satiated my hearty party cravings with Penelope’s birthday. Now that my sister is getting married and I’m helping her out with invitations and inspiration, I’m GOING CRAZY. I want to party! Maybe I should just have a random party anyway. This could also serve some purpose for Father’s day. Oh gosh, it’s coming so quickly.


Download the template and instructions here.

Have access to an 11 x 17 printer? Download the un-cropped template here!

I’m really happy with this little box. It fits cupcakes perfectly with plenty of room for greedy fingers to take a cupcake out and for the cupcake to be piled high with sugary, sweet frosting. Give it a try! Also, stay tuned as I will be sharing an amazing, almost-better-than-sex, mind-exploding cupcake recipe soon!!

As always, I’m happy to share downloads and tutorials with you for free, but they’re for personal use ONLY. Thank you.
Thanks to Rachel over at One Pretty Thing for featuring this freebie!
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Random Giveaway: Onesie & Handbound Book

June 2nd, 2009 Melissa Posted in Arts & Crafts, Bookbinding, Free Stuff, Giveaways 42 Comments »

First Giveaway: An Adorable Bubble Baby Onesie

It’s funny, I had a bunch of onesies made for gifts and most of them ended up at my sister’s or ungifted and unused. Penelope had one, which was really fun for me since I made them before she was even a twinkle in the eye, but she grew out of it so fast. I love this onesie, it’s just a pity Penelope grew up entirely too fast.


So, if you have a kid that fits into 9-12 month onesies, or you know someone who might, comment on this post to enter to win it!! Here are the rules:

  • Click over to the comments section
  • Post a comment, any comment
  • Only one comment per person
  • Comment by Sunday, June 7th at midnight

If you don’t want to take your chances on winning, I have one more left that I’ve posted in the IS•LY Etsy shoppe.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Second Giveaway: A Handbound Japanese Stab Bound Journal

Japanese Stab Bound Book

Follow my blog through google friend connect (on the right sidebar) and you’ll be entered to win this hand bound, hard cover Japanese Stab bound Journal! Already a friend through google friend connect? You’re already entered!! Follow this blog by Midnight, June 7th to enter. Anonymous followers don’t count, sorry.

Click here to learn how to make your own Stab Bound journal, or Click here to buy a handmade book!

ALSO, while you’re clicking around the internet, take a moment to vote for me for “Blog You’ve learned the most from” award. One vote per person per day, so vote for me everyday!!! Your votes are appreciated!!

Note: All winners are chosen randomly, either out of a hat or through Bonnes Chance!
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Leaf Pattern Available to Download!

May 28th, 2009 Melissa Posted in Design, Free Stuff 6 Comments »

As I have mentioned before, I’m kind of on a pattern kick and last week’s leaf drawing was just begging to become one. Funny story, Chris and I have had our 24″ iMac for just over a year now, Chris has had the same background since then and wasn’t planning on changing it any time soon until he saw the palace blue leaf pattern. I feel incredibly special right now.

Here they are, all available to download in all the Spring 2009 Fashion Trend colors:

dark-citron-leaf-pattern fuchsia-red-leaf-patternlavender-leaf-patternlucite-green-leaf-patternpalace-blue-leaf-patternrose-dust-leaf-patternsalmon-rose-leaf-patternslate-gray-leaf-patternsuper-lemon-leaf-patternvibrant-green-leaf-pattern

Copy and paste any of these graphics onto your desktop and use this pattern for your blog, twitter, or myspace background! Links back to are always appreciated. If you’d like to show off what you’ve done with this graphic, leave a comment with a link or image showing me how you used this pattern!! ALL IS•LY downloads are available for personal use only. ENJOY!

Super Lemon is my Favorite
I think the super lemon yellow is my favorite. ;)
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Earth Day Winner #1 + Free Downloads

May 21st, 2009 Melissa Posted in Arts & Crafts, Design, Free Stuff 5 Comments »

Remember the giveaway I did last month in celebration for Earth Day? I am nearing completion with only 2 more gifts left to finish. I’ll be posting the items I’ve made for the winners throughout the week. In the email I sent out to the winners, I asked them a few questions to get to know them a little better. . .

Pattie, told me:

Favorite color: hot pink/fuschia/pink

Interests: crafting, blogging, writing, photography

What makes me, me:
I’m earth-friendly and I love to do crazy things… I just bought myself a long blonde wig as my birthday gift. I love to organize parties and spend time with my husband and baby.

Handmade Envelopes & Stationery

So, I made her 4 envelopes from brand-new, but discontinued (going-to-be-thrown-in-the-trash) wallpaper and coordinating cards to use for hand-written notes or invitations to a small party. Hope you enjoy them, Pattie! I thought I would include pdfs of the envelope & card designs. So click the links below to download:

Download the envelope template here!

Download the printable card here!

Please note: Downloads are free for personal use ONLY.
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Petal Box Download + Mother’s Day Thoughts

May 12th, 2009 Melissa Posted in Arts & Crafts, Free Stuff, Holidays 8 Comments »

My current mantra is “Better late than never. Better late than never.” It took me over two weeks to get in touch with my sister to wish her a happy birthday, and my mom won’t be getting her Mother’s day gift for another couple of days because the post office isn’t open on Saturdays.

I really want to share with you what I did for my mom for Mother’s day/Birthday (they’re often the same day). My mom is really special. She has worked really REALLY hard at doing everything. When I say everything, I mean it. I hope that she knows that her efforts don’t go unnoticed. So for Mother’s day, I thought it would be fitting to give her the gift of memory. I hand wrote random memories that I have of my mom and the thoughtful things she has done for me. I think the next time I do it, I should start a year in advance, because I know I’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg.

Mom's Petal Box

I cut out a bunch of 3″x3″ squares and hand wrote (with pen & ink) my memories. Then I packaged it all with a box version of the petal envelope. I made up the template and want to share it with you! The box template is 3″ x 3″ x 1″, super fast to make and perfect for packaging jewelry and other sweet little gifts.


Click here for the free petal box template!