Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Save the date wheel

This Save the Date gives pieces of information about your upcoming wedding from a window as you turn the wheel around.

DIY Save the Date Wheel

What you’ll need:

  • eyelets, eyelet setter
  • 4 3/4″ round cards (got mine from here)
  • Xacto knife
  • Long reach punch hole

Matt and I created this Save the Date back when we were planning our wedding, but at the time we could never figure how to neatly punch a hole in the center of both sheets. All we needed actually was a long reach punch hole, but by the time we advanced in our scrapbooking skills it was just too late to send them out.

DIY Save the Date Wheel

I hope this template we created can be useful to anyone!

Download Art Deco Save the There is one TIFF file, which is the cover of the Save the Date, and a Photoshop file with unmerged layers so you can edit to add your info. Unfortunately I don’t know how to use Word that well, but if you do and would like to convert the .psd file to a .doc file for us, please let me know!

Step 1: Open cover in Illustrator, Word or any program you’re comfortable with and type in your names on the lower half of the circle. Font used for the cover is called Empire State Deco and can be downloaded for free here. On the back sheet type in your wedding date, location, etc.

Step 2: After printing, cut a window using a Xacto knife. Insert eyeleys, tear off paper trimming (circle cards come in a square shape to easily fit any printer). This template will fit into any 5×5 envelope.