Saturday, August 1, 2009

diy pocketfold

pocketfold invitations

Remember my DIY invitations? Well, here are my long overdue instructions, starting with the pocketfolds! In an effort to keep costs down while having a perdy invitation, we opted to make our own pocketfolds. I bought 8.5×11″ metallic cardstock paper (in Spring Green!) from bluedotpapershop.

What you’ll need:
- 8.5×11″ cardstock
- 0.25″ wide supertape (seriously, supertape is the only thing that will work)
- Paper cutter and scissors

First was cutting the main backing of the pocketfold. I wanted them to be the largest squares possible, so I cut off 3″ from the paper lengthwise (off of the 8.5″ edge). Then I scored the paper in half, to make it easy to fold.

Note: Diagrams not to scale
pocketfold template1

To make the pocket, I cut a 2.75″x5.75″ rectangle out of the 3″x11″ scrap paper.

pocketfold template 3


I scored one long edge and one short edge by 0.25″. These would be the flaps that would allow me to adhere the pocket to the backing.



I then cut off one corner and also cut the paper diagonally from one end of the score to the other, as shown below:

pocketfold template2


Then I trimmed off the other two edges, so that they wouldn’t show once I stuck the pocket on.


I lined each of the edges with 1/4″ wide supertape and folded along the scores.


Then I stuck them on, one edge at a time, pressed firmly for about 15 seconds, and left it under a heavy book overnight, just to make sure it would stick (you’d be surprised at how much folded metallic cardstock will try to unfold!).


And voila, the pocketfolds are done!