Thursday, July 30, 2009

amazing peacock invitations


Wedding Invitations

So there's just under a couple months till my June 21st wedding back in Toronto. Last month I was busy designing my wedding invitations. It was a big job, but a lot of fun and a great exercise in using my graphic design skills. As a short note, my wedding theme is 1920's/art deco inspired and a big part of the theme is in the use of feathers. In other words, the theme will consistently be carried through by the use of peacock and ostrich feathers. Adding a theme to such a big event gives way for tons of creativity and fun things to work with. My florist is especially going nuts over the idea and has even postponed her holidays to tackle my fun and creative themed day. I've started things off by including the feather and an illustration/graphic of a peacock in my invitations.

A big part of the design process was in the paper selection. One can find this same paper and many many other options at . I love their "pocket fold" line, which is what I used as a starting point. I've chosen these paper designs because they are bold and somewhat reminiscent of the era, but at the same time they are modern and fashionable patterns.

The first image here is a small thumbnail of a peacock illustration I quickly drew up that seemed to stick. As messy as it was, I proceeded to trace it out and clean it up in Adobe Illustrator. The results were bold and expressive. I kept the same illustration throughout each piece of the package and only cropped where needed to highlight a certain part of the bird/feathers.

I’ve captured the art deco feel in the use of typography, which needed only to be simple to make a statement. I also came up with a stylized monogram for us and plan to use it throughout the theme. The final touch was added with a few simple iron-on rhinestones for embellishment, a bold double satin black ribbon and a lovely peacock feather to really get the point across. So far my guests are going crazy over my invites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had making them. To mention, all pre-press production, printing, cutting and assembly were also done by myself.