Thursday, July 30, 2009

NYC wedding shopping

I visited my maid of honor Carolyn in New York City last month, and we got rid of our respective fiances just long enough on Saturday to get in a few wedding errands. I am SO jealous of Carolyn for living in NYC and having all of these great places right at her fingertips. New York City brides have no idea how good they have it!

First stop was Sposabella Lace where we picked up Carolyn’s custom-made veil. She was about to drop a big chunk of change on a veil she loved in a bridal salon, when I recommended this place to her based on a weddingbee post I had read. Turns out that Mrs. Bluebell was dead on, and Carolyn had the same exact awesome experience. She had already had her veil fitting, but this was the first time seeing it totally finished.

She’s a bride!

I think you can tell by this picture that Carolyn is pretty excited about her veil- and she should be- it’s gorgeous, custom made, and was about half the price of the bridal shop veil. While we were there we saw another bride-to-be and her sister picking out fabric for the wedding gown they were going to make. I got to sneak a peek at their sketches- wow- talk about talented. Sposabella is a great place to check out if you need a veil or some beautiful fabric or lace for your gown.

Next stop- since we were in the garment district, I wanted to check out fabric stores for possible fabric for my DIY table runners. I have had an unhealthy obsession with dupioni silk for as long as I can remember, but I had already looked at the cost of renting silk runners, and it wasn’t pretty. For about the same price as renting organza table runners, I was able to buy enough light blue dupioni silk to make my own runners! I imagine I might keep one or two but sell the rest after the wedding.

A close-up… can’t you just feel the nubbly goodness?[Sidenote: this project may be the death of me (stay tuned).]Last stop was at MJ Trimming. I probably could have stayed all day in here, so it was a good thing I had Carolyn with me to keep me focused. I ended up purchasing a roll of satin ribbon in antique blue. Purchasing by the roll (100 yards) was half the price of purchasing by the yard so I went for it. It was also cheaper in the store than online. For those of you who are students, they also offer a 10% (unposted) student discount.

This stuff has a future role in invitations and programs.

Ready, set, drool:
Anybody else make a special trip somewhere just to do a little wedding shopping? Or are you lucky enough to live in a fabulous city where everything is right around the corner for you?