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jade and ron weddingbee...awesome table numbers and decorations

Today in Jade and Ron’s Real Wedding Series, Jade gives us a step by step tutorial for creating monogrammed table numbers!


It’s fun to be creative with your table numbers! Since I was on a budget, I didn’t want to spend too much on my table numbers, so I printed mine at home and decided to make a fun project out of it.



  • 8 1/2×11 Cardstock
  • Decorative Paper - buy textured paper—the texture adds some interest to your print. You can buy it at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Glue

I used a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and laid my monogram and table number on it using Illustrator. You can use Photoshop, Word, or PowerPoint. Print it out and set it aside.


Use a ruler and slightly cut (not all the way through) where the dotted line is, and every 3.5 inches after the dotted line. Make sure you’re gentle with it. You don’t want to cut through it, but you just want to make a line so it’s easier to fold later.

Cut your decorative paper into 1.5 inch strips using a pair scissors or a X-Acto knife.

Use glue and glue your decorative paper where the pink stripes are. Wait for it to dry and then put some glue at the end at 1.5 inches, and glue those together.

Tip: I didn’t glue mine together until the day before the wedding since I wanted to save some space around my house and avoid damaging them.


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Jade and Ron: DIY Ceremony Details

June 25th, 2009 @ 9:29 am by Real Weddings

Today in Jade and Ron’s Real Wedding Series, Jade shows us how she added a personal touch to her ceremony!


I always love to hang things, so I decided to create something fun for our ceremony site. I find my inspirations from everywhere, not just wedding places. I really love interior decorating and found some fun vases at and thought they would be unique to add to our decorations. The best part is you can use them after the wedding for home decor. You can try and find things that you use in your everyday life to add to your wedding. Not only it is a great way to show people your tastes, but you can save some money, too!


  • 30 crystal teardrops at
  • Fishing line from Walmart or any craft store
  • 6 teardrop hanging vases
  • 5 round hanging vases
  • Some beads from Hobby Lobby
  • Flowers of your choice



The crystal drops came with a metal hook and a hexagon part to it. I just wanted to use the teardrop, so I took the hooks off and gathered all my crystals. Please make sure you’re careful with them; since they’re glass they will break if they collide.

I took some fishing line and measured out about 10 feet, and cut it. Make sure you measure where you want to hang them from to see how long you need each strand to be. I started at the bottom and just tied each crystal. I spaced them about 2 feet apart and kept going. I just put 3 - 4 crystals per strand. The crystal has a hole in it so you can just put the fishing line through and tie a knot to make sure it stays put. Once you’re done with it just use a small piece of cardboard, and wind the strand up. They get really tangled if you leave them together, so I just wrapped them around cardboard and then wrapped them with cellophane. I did about 10 strands and kept them in a box.

Make sure you start this project a good 2-3 months ahead of time in case the vases and crystals take a while to come in. Prep the strands about a month ahead to avoid rushing the project. It’s more fun when you’re not in a time crunch.

Once you’re at the ceremony site. Just hang the crystal strands up. Put some water in the vases and put some beads in. Add your flowers, and then just hang your vases between two crystal strands, and you’re done. I just hung mine at different heights so they added some interest and so they didn’t collide when the wind blew too hard. I added some panels of fabric in the back, and the wind made it perfect for photo taking.

Enjoy, and have fun!