Thursday, July 30, 2009

diy doily lanterns, for hanging or sitting

How To Make Paper Lanterns

The inspiration for these paper lanterns came from the lanterns I saw on Bloesem. I liked the unexpected print and began to wonder what else would look good. That's how I came up with using doilies for paper lanterns. I could picture these hanging in trees all lit up on a summer's night. Perhaps for a wedding, a party, or just because. Directions below.

Square or rectangle doily - The size of the doily I used is 10" by 14.5" (placemat size). I purchased mine at the party supply store. Sometimes I see them at the dollar store as well.
Double stick tape or glue

This is what the doily looks like starting out. Optional, you could sponge them with water color for extra color.

Cut the sides off.

Fold in half. Cut slices just before the doily part starts. The slices are about an inch in width. You can click on the image to get a better view.

Unfold after cutting. Roll into a cylinder. Glue or tape shut. I tried both ways and I preferred using glue. Done.

If you plan on having the lanterns on the ground, I recommend using a tall glass vase to hold the candle. The doily is a little flimsy so the tall vase supports it well. You might even want to use glue dots to adhere part of the lantern to the vase. You can find glue dots at the craft store. I found the vase at Target ($1.50). I used an electric tea light which I purchased at the dollar store (2 for a $1). I recommend using these because it's easy to drop into a tall vase and you don't have to worry about a fire if one tips over.

If you want the lanterns lighted while hanging, place them over icicle Christmas lights.