Thursday, July 30, 2009

cool idea for table numbers

Have Typewriter, Will Travel

February 7th, 2008 @ 1:09 pm by Mrs. Lovebug

What do you get when you cross a couple who can’t Photoshop to save their lives, an extremely patient friend, and a bride hell-bent on an idea?

You get, among other things, a thirty minute hike into Sabino Canyon lugging a ten pound typewriter:

lb table2.jpg

Oh yes, I did. I dragged my fiance, my best friend, and my 1941 Royal KHM around Tucson for an afternoon, all in the name of creative table signage. The pages were made with oversized number stamps and cardstock. And if the set up seems familiar, that’s because it’s my abstract-wedding-theme-gone-awry fusion of Mrs. Bell Pepper’s and Mrs. Eggplant’s ideas.

That first shot was as far as I could conscionably march them into the wilderness without bear mace and canteens. Then it was off to Golf N’ Stuff to annoy the paying customers with our posed shenanigans:

lb table3.jpg

lb help.jpg

(hmm…action shot or cuddly shot?)

From there, it was a short gallop to the cheese fest that is Pinnacle Peak western town. Yippie to the ki to the yay.

lb table4.jpg

lb table4c.jpg

As you can see, the concept of switching out the numbers was too much for me.

lb merry.jpg

Stupid shot-thwarting stucco wall!

Assuming I can talk Mr. LB and our truly wonderful and helpful friend into a second photo session, round two will include a picnic, the bowling alley, the movie theater, a board game scene, and…nothing else that comes to mind.

The original idea was to recreate and capture our first dozen dates. But as I’ve lost the key to my pink cheetah-print diary and can’t remember otherwise, we’re just going for classic dates.

What dates am I forgetting? What other scenes would be cute?