Thursday, July 30, 2009

escort card table

I got a few questions regarding my escort card table in my last post, so here’s the dirt (or the rice, har har har laughin067). I was waiting for a good picture of it before I posted, so here we go!


(Pic courtesy of Dennis Lee. All calligraphy was done by moi laughin067 )

It took me a while to find the right “tray” to hold all the rice and escort cards. I hunted far and wide online and in stores such as Pier 1, World Market, TJMaxx, Ikea, etc., but nothing was as large as what I had in mind. So after exhausting the tray search, I finally found the perfect vessel at Ikea after all! And it was… a picture frame!

Ribba frame
A Ribba frame (mine was in silver), 1 ft wide x 3 ft long, flipped upside down. The underside of the frame is about 1 inch deep, and the perfect depth for my rice concept, voila! I bought 2 of them for about $20 each.

Other Materials:

2 packs of Stardream mini thumb cut sleeves, 2-1/4″ x 3-5/8″, $17/100


A pack of ivory perforated DIY business cards, available at any office supply store such as Staples, for under $15.

All of my guest tables were named after Paris landmarks that Mr. E and I visited last year (when he proposed!) So instead of tented escort cards, each couple received a little sleeve, and inside was a mini picture corresponding with their table name (pictures were taken by us during our trip as well).


On the back side of each card was the table name and number. Cards were designed in Microsoft Word using the suggested template and printed using a color copier. I actually used my Cutterpede to cut them down even though the cards were pre-perforated… I didn’t like the little ridges it left when you pulled them apart, haha. And Mr. E laboriously rounded each and every corner, bless his hard working fingers!


I did a trial run before the wedding and took pictures so I could show my Day-of-Coordinator how I wanted it set up. You can see in this pic below what I mean about the upside-down frame being “deep” enough to hold the rice. I bought 15 pounds of rice, but I don’t know exactly how much was actually used.


And there you have it! Are you doing anything unusual for your escort card table?