Thursday, July 30, 2009

diy hanging votives

DIY Wedding Challenge: DIY Hanging Votives

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DIY Wedding Challenge: DIY Hanging Votives article photo White, Candles, Hanging, Votives
photo by: April Smith Photography

My mom and I made these hanging votives for my ceremony. They are really easy to make, here's how!


Heavy Gauge Wire, pre-greased (found at Lowe’s)
Wire Cutters
Votive Candle Holders, different sizes and shapes
Round Nose Pliers


1. Depending on the size of the votive, use wire cutters and cut sections anywhere from 18-21 inches. 18″ for the smallest votives and 21″ for the medium and larger votives. You can use 21″ for all if you want, you’ll just have a little extra when you close the sides.

2. Cut your desired length of wire with a wire cutter.

3. Fold the wire in half and crimp just below the fold with round-nose pliers.

4. To form a hook, wrap crimped end over a pencil. Hold the base of the hook tightly with pliers, separate the two lengths of wire, then twist tightly around each other three times.

5. To form a loop, while still holding the wire with your pliers, take the “legs” of the wire in your other hand and twist one to two times.

6. To form the cuff that will hold the votive, use pliers to make a 90-degree bend, 4 1/4 inches from the hook base, on each length of wire. Situate the bends on opposite sides of the votive, about two-thirds of the way from the bottom of the glass.

7. Bring each cut end around to meet the opposite bend. With the tip of the pliers, make a tiny loop at each cut end. Hook the loops to the bends; use pliers to close loops tightly. Insert votive into the circle formed.