Thursday, July 30, 2009

fans instead of bouquets, fans with feathers

I stumbled across Olivia Oberlin from my daily perusal of various wedding blogs and I fell in love. I think her fans are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure incredibly expensive (no prices on the website). Her fans got me thinking that it could be unique and beautiful for my bridesmaids to carry a fan adorned with fresh flowers instead of a bouquet. I’m thinking a few random flowers sewn onto the fan itself and a long strand of orchids trailing down from the base.

Olivia Oberlin Fans:

Decorated wood fan from A Cool Breeze:
Or we could go with Sandalwood. Something simple that we could decorate more if we wanted

Imagine a strand of orange orchids (to contrast their plum saris) hanging from these fans.

Orchid pic from flickr

Another orchid pic

Hanging Orchids (not quite so many though)

If we go with bouquets, I was thinking about having each of them carry a different orange bouquet (again to constrast their plum colored saris). Each bouquet would be made of a single flower (calla lillies, orchids, roses, dahlias) in orange