Thursday, July 30, 2009

wedding signs

I never realized there were so many darn signs that need to be made for a wedding, good grief. Our table numbers I decided to do as simple table tents, but I wanted something cute and raised for the candy buffet, a la Mrs. Bell Pepper’s.

I picked up a pair of 4×6 sign frames from this eBay seller, which Mr. LB then spray painted silver and glued a pair of typewriter keys to. The wording is a reference to what the table will be decorated with (besides the candy itself): framed photos of couples and pairs (friends, pets, etc. being “lovey”). This idea was ripped shamelessly off of Brother Cupcake. :)

Dunno what this one will be for, since I’m not giving CDs away.

And one last detail to share - came up with a better name for the non-alcoholic drink in our drinks menu:

No more signs. Cross my wings and hope to die.