Thursday, July 30, 2009

diy marshmallows-for s'mores or hot chocolate!

last minute hot chocolate:

if you need to make a friend or a loved one something fast, here's some inspiration.

i first saw this mix at fred flare: "you warm my heart hot cocoa mix" for $8, and figured it could probably be easily made ... so i googled heart shaped marshmallows and came across a few articles and blogs, like the martha stewart living article which had a cute idea for cutting out marshmallows with a tiny little cookie cutter. i came across another blog which sadly i can't fin the link anymore for it. but anyway, there's lots of articles out there about it.

anyway, all these things can be purchased locally so that's why this is so great - you can put it together real quick. here's what you need:

vday: things you need.
wilton heart cut outs : can be purchased at joanns or michaels.

mason jar : purchased at michaels yesterday .. although, now that i think of it, i think i would have liked to get this jar instead... which you can probably get at ikea or the container store, if you have one near you.

vday: make heart marshmallows.
marshmallows! store bought.. if you want to be ambitious - you can make your own marshmallows with this recipe that i hear is pretty good - then just cut them into heart shapes.

vday: packaging you need.
ribbon / tag / packaging for marshmallows and hot chocolate mix.

and of course, hot chocolate mix : i bought the Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix - Double Chocolate. but there's lots of simple and easy recipes to make your own hot chocolate mix with things you may already have in your household like sugar, cocoa powder, creamer. i don't have any of these things so the quick stuff worked for me.. it's up to you ;) this blog also has some extra tips on things you can add into the mix.

so just cut the marshmallows in half, then use the mini heart cutter to slice through the center of the marshmallow. oh, they were SUPER sticky and gooey. so i got some powdered sugar and dipped the sticky parts which quickly solved the problem. now they be packaged without sticking to the bag:

vday: hearts.

marshmallows- all cut out:
vday: all done.

marshmallows- all packaged:
vday: heart shaped marshmallows.

a lovely gift, i think! who doesn't like hot chocolate!
vday: all packaged.

vday: hot chocolate mix.

vday: a lovely gift.

sorry the images are so dark and kind of blue - the sun keeps coming out and going away. well have a lovely weekend! ♥