Thursday, July 30, 2009

diy recycled jar candleholders

Wrapping the bannisters in holidays lights would work, but wasn’t quite what I wanted. I wanted candles, real candles with dangerous, dangerous flames. Of course they needed to be securely contained in glass, and I was jonesing for a new project. So I half-followed Martha’s instructions for wiring jars.


I used six-ounce baby food jars with votive candles. I was frustrated by trying to tighten the wire enough, using Martha’s instructions - so I made a little change, which you can see here. The pinched notch in the long loop let me tighten the short end using pliers, with no slipping.


There are 50 of them; currently seven are hanging in my bedroom window. I like them there, so they may stay. When we hang them in the barn it won’t be with ribbon. What a fire hazard that would be! Right now I’m thinking of buying a twist tie roll and snipping off what we need for each one - easy on, easy off.

Yes, I’ve gone completely overboard on candles. If I don’t stop soon I’ll have to start hiding my habit.