Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recycled thrift-store decorations

For the most part, I’d say we’re pretty much done with all of our wedding tasks except for the flowers, delivering things to venues, and a few other minor details.

Over the last few months, I’ve been picking up random silver platters and picture frames at Goodwill with no real idea of how to use them. We’re doing a modern-vintage wedding, so I figured I could use these pieces somewhere.

I finally found a place for them in our wedding. Behold…

I painted the silver trays and old picture frames yellow and grey, then put scrap fabric and paper on top of them. We’re going to use them on our breakfast bar.

I’m using one of the small spare trays for the “guest book” station. I covered an old drinking glass with some scrap fabric from the ring bearer’s tie and added an extra pom to finish the look.

Lastly, I had Mr. Joey spray paint a few bigger frames which I used as the seating chart. Again, I covered the back with scrap fabric and the yellow paper consists of file folders I found in the recycling bin at work. They were the perfect color and they were free, so I thought, ‘why not?’

I think all together, I spent about $8-$10 on the trays, $1 on the large seating chart frame, and $3 on the fancy Japanese black and white paper. I had the spray paint, fabric, and tissue paper leftover from other projects. The other frames I got from friends. They were going to throw them out, so I rescued them.

Did you give any throwaways new life and use them in your wedding?