Thursday, July 30, 2009

cupcake seating cards

How-To: Cupcake Seating Cards

Cupcake_finalWhen it comes to yummy cupcakes it's never too early for dessert, right? When your guests arrive at your reception, why not send them to their seats with a sugary surprise by using sweet treats as seating cards. Our resident DIY expert Shana Faust shows us how to label them in style:

Double-sided scrapbooking paper of your choice (in colors that match your wedding)
Mini heart hole punch
Circular sticker labels in matching colors
Rub on alphabet letter set
bone folder
Bamboo sticks
Scrapbooking tape

Step 1:Gather your materials and make sure the colors of the letters and scrapbooking paper you've chosen compliments your wedding colors and your cupcakes.

Step 2: Punch two hearts using mini heart punch. Using rub on numbers, rub on table number to one side of heart cut out.

Step 3: Using double sided tape affix it to other heart with stick running through middle.

Step 4: Rub on name of guest to one circular sticker. Affix it to another sticker with stick running through middle.

Step 5: Insert both into store bought cupcakes for a sweet and dainty seating card idea.