Thursday, July 30, 2009

diy cocktail umbrellas

Make it: Cocktail Umbrellas!

  • (oops forgot the scissors!)
  • 1 hot glue gun
  • 1 glue stick
  • transparent paper (buy individual sheets in the scrap booking isle at your fav. craft store - ooh ooh ooh - - what about using pretty doilies?!! I am totally doing this next time!)
  • bamboo skewers (but these at any grocery store)

These pictures tell the make it story from left to right top to bottom. But in case it is a little foggy what I am doing I'll take you through them:
  1. cut your paper into circles (about 3" diameter) and use your scissors to cut half way through the circle.
  2. Overlap the cut circle to form a cone.
  3. When the cone looks right to you cut the excess paper.
  4. Swipe a line of glue using your glue stick on the tab you just created.
  5. Hold the paper together for a moment to secure the glue on the umbrella shade.
  6. Next, stick the bamboo skewer through the top of your shade.
  7. With the hot glue gun drop a dollop of glue on the inside of the shade. Careful! The glue is hot hot hot! Don't let little ones do this part! Let the glue dry.
  8. Finally, cut the swizzle sticks to various heights and mix a tall stiff drink for yourself - you've worked really hard making these awesome drink accessories. (also don't let the little ones do this).