Thursday, July 30, 2009

diy cupcake tower

How-To: Cupcake Tower


We're so excited to feature this quirky cupcake tower from awesome designer (and recent newlywed!) Lori Federico. Here's how she put it together:

"I actually just ordered the basic cardboard design from, since it was reasonably priced and I can’t cut forms very well. Plus, it’s recyclable. But you can definitely build yours out of things like styrofoam cake forms and boards from cake and craft supply stores if that’s your cup of tea.

"There are so many options to decorate it. You can use paper, ribbon, cloth or anything else that you can figure out how to attach! I originally looked for vintage maps on eBay, but ended up ordering these large sheets of wrapping paper with maps of Italy on them. Since my husband is Italian, I thought this would be a great little way to celebrate his heritage."

Cupcake tower/tree, or cake boards and forms to make your own
Ribbon, cord, paper, fabric, paint, etc. to decorate
Glue gun and hot glue sticks
Craft glue stick, paste or spray adhesive


Step 1: Trace the rounds for each tier on the backs of the paper you'll be covering them with. Then cut out the paper and glue it onto the tier with a craft glue stick, paste or spray adhesive.


Step 2: Paint the little supports for each level black so they'll fade into the background.


Step 3:
Glue whatever trim and embellishment you'd like on each round tier. Use some type of ribbon on the outside of each tier to cover the edges of the corrugated cardboard.


Step 4: Finish any remaining assembly of the cupcake stand. Now all that's missing is the cupcakes!

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