Thursday, July 30, 2009

lantern escort cards, maybe do with vellum lanterns?

VotivesThese cute lantern votive holders (99 cents each at Michaels) are the perfect starting point for a festive escort card. (You'll have to hit up your local Michaels to buy because they can't be ordered online, but it's worth the trip.)

Embellish the lanterns with simple number stickers on the front (find tons of great options at Stickers Galore) and basic cards with guests' names tied around the handle with ribbon or string. Customize the colors, cardstock, ribbon and font to fit your wedding theme.

Fill the lanterns with tiny tea lights (these are easy to buy in bulk -- we found 100 for $6 on Amazon) before your big day, but keep them unlit when they're on the escort table. Then, when the lights dim for dessert, have a few servers walk around and light all the candles. Instant mood setter!