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diy lunch bags

DIY Lunch Bag Favors

December 12th. 2008 by Abby Larson | Filed Under | 16 comments

I am SO SO SO (say that really loud and throw your hands up in the air with spirit sprinkles) excited about today’s post. Remember Kathleen, our DIY winner who crafted those amazing hot chocolate wedding favors? Well, we’ve asked her to become a contributing DIY editor for Style Me Pretty. And today, she is debuting her first completely adorable project!

How cute are these DIY Picnic Inspired Favor Bags…

DIY Bags

Inspired by a quirky, red and white color palette, what a fun and totally relaxed approach to a wedding. Fill with a gourmet sandwich, a bag of potato chips and the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet…and voila! Lunch and favor can be scratched off the list!

DIY Bags


Ink Jet Printer
Canvas or Cotton Lunch Bag
Iron-on Ink Jet Transfer Paper
Heavy Card stock
Glassine Bags
Cupcake Wrappers
Salt & Pepper Packets
Bamboo Utensils
Napkin or Moist Towelette
Bottled Water


1. Begin by creating the art work for the bag. This could be from photos, clip art or even a custom design using your computers creative software (Illustrator was used to create this particular design). Because the printed side of the transfer goes on the bag, you will need to flip the design so that it reads correctly. Print your design onto an 8.5″x11″ sheet of ink-jet transfer paper. To avoid the shiny edge that iron-on transfers tend to leave, cut them as close to the edge as possible.

2. A positioning template makes it easier to place the design in the same spot each time. Trim out a hole from a standard sheet of paper where you want the art to go and align the template to the top and sides of the bag. Once the art is positioned correctly, iron on your design following the instructions that come with the transfer paper.

3. To help make the bag stand up on it’s own, cut a piece of heavy card stock to the same dimensions of the bottom of the bag and place flat on the inside.

4. Fill the bag with picnic basics: Individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies, salt and pepper packets, bamboo utensils tied with baker’s twine, a bottle of water and a moist towelette for sticky fingers!

Supplies can be found here:

Canvas Lunch Bags - $4.49 at Bagworks
Glassine Bags - Wedclix - $2.97 for 25 at
Cupcake Wrappers and Moist Towelette: Daiso
Bamboo Utensils - 8 placesettings for $10 at Branch (also sold in bulk)

Thank you SO much to Kathleen for this first DIY installment…we are so excited for all of those great projects that are on their way! And, lucky for us, Kathleen has launched a brand spanking new blog that will absolutely make you smile. Definitely check out Twig and Thistle!!