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programs with throwers inside

DIY Project - Stitched Programs

October 31st. 2008 by Abby Larson | Filed Under | 7 comments

I love this DIY project…hand-stitched programs that reflected the couple’s personality and style…



(please note, I have skipped the step about designing the art for the cover as it is totally up to you and your own design ideas)

1. Once you have your cover and inside pages designed (ours were made to fit four on a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock) get them cut and printed (saving yourself lots of time and agony). **when designing keep in mind that you will need a larger gutter on the side with the seam.

2. Assemble pages in the order you want and use a few binder clips to keep them in place.

3. Use a decorative stitch and sew the pages together. We had two pieces of cardstock and 4-5 pieces of regular weight paper and my regular sewing machine needle did just fine. I wouldn’t worry about back stitching at the beginning and the end - it should hold pretty well without.

4. Fill a small glassine envelope with dried lavender (or rice or whatever you want thrown at you). Tape closed (I used Martha Steward ribbon tape from Michael’s).

5. Use rubber cement to glue the glassine envelope to the back inside cover of your program. Design your back inside cover to have a sentence instructing guests what to do with them.

LOVE! These programs are such a sweet way to introduce your guests to the day. They are laid back, they are cozy, they are completely adorable! Oh, and I’ve already asked the bride if we can put her wedding up on SMP because the whole wedding is this pretty.